“What would the world look like without black people?”

It’s the provocative and thought-provoking question that acts as a catalyst for a frank discussion about race in a new video from the Jubilee Project, a creative collective who make short films, PSAs and documentaries in collaboration with non-profits to increase awareness about social justice issues. 

In “World Without Black People,” Jubilee Project co-founder and filmmaker Eric I. Lu took to the streets of Boston and Los Angeles to ask people of different races what a world without black people would be like. Answers included “Music as we know it would not exist,” and “There would be no hip hop…that would suck.

But the video goes deeper than just what the world would look like without black culture, forcing participants to discuss their own feelings about race and racism in America, including the daily microagressions black people experience on a daily basis, and the racist thoughts that white and non-black people sometimes “can’t rally help” but have. 

“I do my best to try and recognize when that’s happening,” one white man in the video explains, “I try to fight it, and try to talk about it.” 

The conversation about racism in America is often so black-and-white that it excludes other races from the conversation. What’s most refreshing about this video is the fact that it was made by an organization founded by three Asian men, who explained in a statement on their YouTube channel that they made this video to “stand in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters, and challenge you to have a similar conversation of your own.” 

Watch the full video above.

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