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Thanks to the pandemic, this year’s summer festivities look nothing like last year’s hot girl summer. Many of have adapted social distancing as our norm. And while businesses are closed or operating with strict guidelines, everyone (with good sense) is rocking a face mask. So yeah, Summer 2020 has been interesting for the most part until now; thanks to Cardi B’s new sizzling hot bop, W.A.P featuring Meg Thee Stallion.

With WAP being such a hot topic right now, you had to know that there would be a surge of inspired content mimicking and celebrating the song and video. I am here for every moment in which women are bold and unapologetic because it creates a space that empowers others to pop their shit too. This is especially dope for me when I see content that is both inspirational and aspirational get curved, not literally but when curvy women join in the fun.

Curvy models/influencers, Wondrea Gilmore and Nzinga Imani recently shared their version of a WAP inspired video and it is a sexy display of curvy body. Plus-size women have that WAP too boo, which Cardi acknowledged it in her song Clout when she rapped, “P%$$& still wet like a big b@#$h.”

Shout out to the universe and all the powers that be for giving us double for our trouble because Cardi B and Meg have definitely energized the ladies. Well, they energized some of us but per usual there are a few negative Nancy’s in our midst. There are those who claim that the song is too ratchet and racy, I guess those people never bopped to Lil’ Kim, Adina Howard, 2 Live Crew or Too Short. And then, there are the men who you would think wouldn’t have a dog in this fight but here they are with their little opinions.

Although they created the video in good fun, Nzinga said that she is, “100% here for women expressing their sexuality however they see fit.” She continued by saying, “I catch hell everyday for embracing my beauty and sexuality because others have decided I should hate myself because I am fat.” Whew Chile, I couldn’t agree more because society has created a standard that suggests you can’t be beautiful, confident, or sexy if you are plus-size. However, that is a lie and these are even more receipts.

Oh and for all, you Sour Patch Kids that aren’t here for the song or the video for whatever reason, scream WAP for justice because it is also an acronym for, What About Prosecuting (the officers that murdered Breonna Taylor).


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