Beyoncé and Chris Martin perform during halftime at Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., on Feb. 7, 2016.


It’s a classic hater story. Beyoncé creates a controversial visual for her latest tune, “Formation.” Black people applaud Beyoncé for embracing Beyoncé’s blackness. White people are confused and angry, so they create an anti-Beyoncé boycott. Wait. What?! 

It’s kind of sick that there are people who would rather protest music videos that showcase police brutality than protest actual police brutality. Where is the humanity?

Humanity is what allowed “Black Girl Rising” to create the Anti-Anti-Beyoncé Rally in response.

The result? The people in support of Beyoncé and her visual statement that Black Lives Matter showed up Tuesday outside the NFL headquarters in New York City, ready to get in “Formation,” and those pesky haters who wanted to silence Beyoncé’s appreciation of her blackness didn’t even show up!

There were a few moments in which passersby were ready to complain about Beyoncé and her love of a wide nose with Jackson 5 nostrils, but those people were so uninformed that they couldn’t even be taken seriously.

News teams and bloggers gathered around the lone hater, ready to defend their Queen Bey, but quickly realized the anti-Beyoncé characters were craving at least 15 minutes of fame. The crowd was willing to give them five.

So that makes us wonder: If there’s a protest in the middle of New York City and no one’s around … does it make a sound? The people who were ready to defend Beyoncé, blackness, baby hair and hot sauce in their bags, swag, were there—poised and in formation. And that was loud enough.

Check out the live Periscope video directly from the scene: