Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman wants another team back in town: the SuperSonics.

The NFL star, who has been playing in Seattle since 2011, lamented the loss of the city’s NBA team in a YouTube video posted Saturday, saying that he’s “still trying to bring the Sonics back.”

“C’mon NBA, we’re looking at you. Bring them back. We need more rings in Seattle,” Sherman said.

The SuperSonics were based in Seattle from 1967 until 2008, when the team relocated after a 2006 sale and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sherman brought his own success to the Emerald City, winning Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 with the Seahawks. The team failed to repeat a championship victory, however, falling short to the New England Patriots in February during Super Bowl XLIX.

Sherman, donning a Sonics jacket said the basketball team, which “was doing their thing” left with star player Kevin Durant in tow.

“And you did us like that,” the NFL player said, addressing the NBA in the nearly two-minute video. “Ice cold.”

Sherman also took on LeBron James, noting the pair are supposed to play a game of H-O-R-S-E.

“Whenever you’re ready to do it, we can do it,” Sherman said, before offering James “another financial endeavor.”

“I feel like we could team up and go around to different parks and challenge people: five dollars on one-on-one. You play receiver, I play quarterback,” Sherman said. “What you want to do? Let me know.”

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Richard Sherman Wants The SuperSonics Back In Seattle