Natalie Williamson (R) was in her home with her daughter (L) when she spotted a burglar attempting to climb into a window. Willamson sprung into action beating the man until he let go of the window. 

Fox 25 screenshot

An Oklahoma City mother was shocked Tuesday morning when a burglar forced his way through a locked window and threw his backpack inside her house.

“I was afraid. I was freaked out about the whole situation because I had this guy I don’t know hanging from my window trying to get in,” Natalie Williamson told Fox 25.

Oklahoma City Police Department told the news station that the suspect, Kenneth Williams attempted to break into a few homes in the area earlier in the day before approaching the Williamson home.  Natalie’s daughter saw Williams running towards the house where he tried to get in through a window.


Suspect Kenneth Williams was arrested and charged with first degree burglary. 

Oklahoma City Police Department

 “That’s scary and then my baby was there.” Williamson told the news station. “I was thinking like…kill him.”

Williamson told the news station that she grabbed the first thing she found and began attacking the burglar.

“I got a crutch and I started slamming him in the face with it and he wouldn’t get down so I picked up a vacuum out of the hallway and started slamming him in the face with the vacuum. He still wouldn’t get down so I proceeded to punch him with my fist and he jumped down,” Williamson said.

Once off the window ledge, the burglar asked Williamson if he would return his book bag and begged her not to call the police. Williamson kept the bag but met him with a knife instead and chased the man down the street. Williamson and several neighbors held the man until police arrived. 

Williams was arrested and charged with first degree burglary, Fox 25 reports.

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