Tragedy struck the family of rapper Lil Durk when his 10-year-old son allegedly shot his stepfather. According to the Daily Mail, during an alleged domestic dispute between his mother, and stepfather, Joshua Pippens, the child used Pippens’ gun to shoot him.

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Pippens addressed the issue on Instagram, revealing that he was shot in the stomach and saying that the boy’s mother encouraged him to take action.

“As y’all can see I was not the aggressor,” Pippens wrote. “And y’all also can see how I still had my gun on my hip. He grabbed my gun off my hip following his mom’s lead and tried to shoot me and then actually shot me.”

“I never in a million years thought a kid I bought 4 wheelers and paid for football leagues and everything would do this but he only knows what mom shows him,” he continued. “I still love him like he’s mine.”

The incident reportedly happened July 1, with surveillance footage showing the argument. In the short clip, Pippens is wearing orange, the child is in red and his mother wears purple. As Pippens tries to restrain his mother, the boy grabs the gun. Once the fight moves into the street, a shot is heard and Pippens falls down.

In terms of possible legal consequences for the boy, Pippens confirms that he’s not planning to seek any.

“Listen, nobody is going to jail or they would already be there,” Pippens wrote. “I’m doing this for rights over my kids. Call me what y’all want. And on top of that, this was at my momma’s, in front of my momma, granny, and more kids. I pray y’all make it through y’all situation that God gon’ put y’all through for playing with me.”

While this story is getting a lot of attention because of the child’s famous father, it’s important that everyone remember there is a traumatized 10-year-old at the center of this incident and we should all act accordingly.

As of now, Durk has not commented on the situation.