Chicago Tops 700 Homicides With One Month To Left In 2016

Gun Violence Continues To Plague Chicago

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Chicago has exceeded 700 homicides for the first time in nearly twenty years, official Police Department records confirm.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the 700 mark was reached on Wednesday when a 25-year-old man was shot in the abdomen and back. This new data shows that this type of violence has gone up nearly 56 percent from the 450 killings last year. These numbers are nipping to break the homicides records of 1998 with 704 and 761 homicides in 1997.

The Trib notes that these new PD statistics do not include killings that occurred “on area expressways, police-involved shootings, justifiable homicides or death investigations that could later be reclassified as homicides.”

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told the press, “The police are doing their job. What we need help in is holding these repeat gun offenders accountable for this gun violence, and until we do that, we’re going to continue to see the cycle of violence.

The majority of these deaths took place in neighborhoods on the South and West sides that have a large Black and Latino population.

What?! Woman Finds Mummified Remains Of Her Grandson In Attic 

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A Pennsylvania woman recently discovered the mummified remains of her grandson in her attic, two years after the young man disappeared.

According to the New York Post, Zanobia Richmond found the corpse of 21-year-old Dyquain Rogers after hearing a loud thump in the attic of her Erie County home, officials said. Richmond went to investigate the noise and quickly called the police after she uncovered the body.

[The remains] were mummified,” Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook told The Post. “The lack of airflow and the fact that the attic wasn’t vented — those conditions were optimal for dehydration and mummification.

The cause of death wasn’t revealed, but sources told the Post that it appeared that Rogers had hanged himself.

Rogers aunt said he didn’t appear suicidal, but he did express on his Facebook page that he had been “having the worst luck lately,” days before he was reported missing in 2014.

Trump Dials Back On Full Mexican Wall, Says the Vicious Rivers Are Enough Protection

GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Campaigns In Charlotte, North Carolina

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President-elect Donald Trump is again dialing back one of his biggest campaign promises: Building a wall along the United States-Mexican border.

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday, Trump said that “vicious rivers” and “mountains”  meant that it wasn’t necessary to build the full border wall.

Now, there are certain places you don’t need a wall, because you have, you know, you have mountains, you have other things. You have large and rather vicious rivers.”

But he still stresses that a wall will be built.  “But, no, we’re building a wall. It’s going to be a real wall, because we’re going to stop the drugs from coming in.” He added: “We’re going to have a real wall and we’re going to stop what’s happening, because what’s happening in our country is very sad in so many different ways.”

Uh huh.