Howard University has officially severed all ties with Sean “Diddy” Combs, including snatching back his honorary doctorate degree.

This decision comes following the release of video footage in which Combs is seen violently assaulting his former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. The university’s Board of Trustees calls Combs’ behavior “so fundamentally incompatible with Howard University’s core values and beliefs,” and has also agreed to terminate the scholarship program in his name and return the recent $1 million donation made by the rapper.

Combs only attended Howard from 1987 to 1989 but received an honorary degree from the university in 2014. The university website reads that it “is unwavering in its opposition to all acts of interpersonal violence.”

Members of Howard’s community say the university is making the right call.

“It’s good to show that even though [Combs] has brought success to the school, if he doesn’t align with the values of Howard, he shouldn’t be celebrated,” said Amya Henry, a recent Howard University graduate.

Henry, like most of the public, was “disgusted” and “shocked” by the abuse allegations and recent video surrounding Combs and Cassie. She said even though “it’s [not] good to have someone’s trauma on display, I was glad that his true colors are being shown.”

Alumna Pauline Tetteh said the video is a reflection of the neglect of Black women. To her, the university “acted too slowly” in standing against Combs.

“We [Black women] have to show proof of abuse to almost near death before our voices get counted,” said Tetteh, who graduated in 1998.

In light of the revoking of Combs’ honorary degree, the conversation about the importance of such a degree is being called into question. The University has awarded around 700 honorary degrees throughout its history, including Combs.

Howard student Zamoi Murrell called the degree “stupid.” “I don’t think you should get a degree just because you have a name or because you’re giving money to an organization,” he said.

Murrell said he and his fellow Howard students are “working for their degrees [and] paying for their degrees,” while people like Combs, who did not graduate from Howard, received a degree “just for being famous and rich.”

Since the release of the video, other celebrities and organizations have spoken out against Combs, including most recently the father of the late Kim Porter.