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Photo: Ivan Romano (Getty Images)

Denzel Washington is one of the greatest actors in movie history. Even in films that are just average, his performances are always unforgettable. If someone tells you they’re not a Denzel fan, you should stop talking to them, because they clearly have horrible taste.

With upcoming films “Gladiator II” releasing Nov. 22 and new Spike Lee Joint “High and Low” in production, it doesn’t look like his streak is ending anytime soon.

While Washington’s award-winning filmography is unquestioned, his lack of appearances in major sci-fi or comic book franchises means he doesn’t have a big time billion-dollar blockbuster on his resume. But that doesn’t mean his roster isn’t chock full of box office hits.

In case you’re curious about where his movies rank, we’ve done the work for you. According to BoxOfficeMojo, these are Denzel Washington’s top 20 films, per worldwide gross.