An Atlanta homeless man who turned to Facebook for help is going viral as some people are wondering how someone with his looks could find themselves in such a bad situation and others are wondering if his post is more about getting famous than finding a place to live.

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The man, who goes by Bigbossd Escobar, posted in a Facebook group called Atlanta Rooms for Rent about needing a place to stay after relocating from St. Louis four years ago. The man added that he was tired of living in the city’s shelters and asked for any leads on permanent housing.

“Rently lost My Home Just Need a place that is reasonable price so i can get back on My feet Tired of Sleeping in Atlanta Shelters Very Quit Person and Stay to my self,” he wrote in his June 30 post.

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There’s no way he could have predicted how many people would respond to his post. But we’re sure Bigbossd Escobar had no idea he would get over 3,000 comments on his cry for help. And we’re damned sure he had no idea that over 1,000 women would offer to let him crash on their couch.

Some women in the group were clearly more captivated by Esco’s light eyes and long locs than his story, dropping comments like, “I’m ready to say come move in with me,” “Omg he make me wanna move to Atlanta just so he can have a place to stay” and “I would let him stay with me, but I would get pregnant, and I don’t live in Atlanta.”

Others gave him career advice, suggesting he lean on his looks to get out of his situation, commenting, “I just have to say this: you need to be modeling! Ppl will pay to look at your face!” and “This post right here should make you a couple stacks.”

Still others are questioning whether or not Esco’s post is just a tired attempt at becoming Facebook famous, pointing out that some of the things on his profile just don’t add up, like this commenter who wrote:

“Something isn’t adding up. On dudes profile he’s making bets, got a clothing business it looks like, expensive clothes and chains. And hes apparently homeless? MAYBE that could’ve changed suddenly but I highly doubt it. Not to mention all the comments giving him actual resources he’s not responding to or engaging with at all….pretty suspicious.”

The whole situation got us thinking about Jeremy Meeks (aka Prison Bae), the convicted felon/ex-gang member-turned model/actor after his sexy mugshot went viral in 2014.

And of course, there are those who are giving the women who are offering to shelter the homeless hottie the side eye. In a TikTok post, @chefjucyjay says the thirsty comments on Bigbossd Escobar’s post don’t represent all Black women.

“Any woman with a tiny bit of intelligence and an ounce of self value will not put herself in that kind of danger,” she said. ”Those women who are doing that don’t represent the rest of us.”

We can’t help but agree with her. Letting a man like this into your home with no questions asked has all of the makings of a crazy ass Dateline episode. We can’t wait to see how this one turns out.