The allegations against Bill Cosby have recently snowballed. More than 20 women have come forward in the past six months accusing the 77-year-old comedian of sexual assaults that occurred over the last four decades. Five of these women spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota on Dec. 8 to discuss their experiences with Cosby and what they think should happen next.

In the hour-long special “The Cosby Show: A Legend Under Fire” CNN anchors Lemon and Camerota spoke with Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, Kristina Ruehli, Victoria Valentino and P.J. Masten to address the ongoing allegations against Cosby. Each woman talked about the negative affects their alleged experiences with Cosby have had on their lives, even 30 or 40 years after the incidences occurred.

“We’ve suffered hundreds of years — collectively hundreds of years — of horrible intestinal, emotional strife because of what this man put all of us through, and the hundreds that haven’t come forward yet,” Masten told Lemon in the clip above. “I want him to suffer, suffer like we’ve all suffered, all these years.”

The women appeared in agreement that there are more women who have been assaulted by Cosby who have yet to come forward. When Camerota asked the group of women why they think there are more women out there who have been assaulted by Cosby, Masten — a former Playboy Bunny — responded, “Because I personally know former Bunnies that are frightened, shamed and scared to come forward.”

Valentino, another former Playboy Bunny, added that after she came forward with her allegations, many women (including Masten) reached out to her to tell similar stories of sexual assault by Cosby. Watch the entire exchange below.

In another clip Ruehli describes Cosby’s alleged “MO,” where he supposedly identifies a vulnerable young woman, gets her alone, drugs her, sexually assaults her and then leaves. “He’s a coward, he’s a despicable coward,” Masten added.

During the interview, Camerota asked who out of the women had allegedly been drugged by Cosby and all five women raised their hands. Three said they remembered being drugged. Watch the video below to hear Tarshis’ account of a time Cosby allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her.

Valentino described the effects her alleged experience with Cosby has had on her life. While she doesn’t think about it every day, she said, “It’s like this subliminal soundtrack… It’s always there, just under the surface.” The other four women nodded in agreement.

Below is the list of women who have come forward with allegations about Cosby, dated to the time that the allegations were made public.


5 Of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Speak Out On CNN