February may be over but that doesn’t mean celebrating black history should be put on pause. YouTube is helping our stories stay in the forefront with a new video that highlights the voices of those who are currently making black history.

The video features clips from several content creators who push the envelope to bring entertaining and informative commentary and skits on politics, pop culture, race and more.  

Stitching together powerful clips from recent years, the video includes Franchesca Ramsey, Akilah Hughes, Kid President, Adande Thorne, Tré Melvin, Todrick Hall, among others — all of which have over a million subscribers each. 

The video encourages creators of color to keep making change, bold statements and jokes. Kid President drives home the most important message when he says at the beginning of the video, “We can’t just study history, we gotta make history.”

Watch the video below and keep scrolling to read more. 

In addition to emphasizing the importance of black voices being heard, YouTube is also launching initiatives aimed at empowering female creators around the world. The company has partnered with the United Nations to appoint top women in front of and behind the camera on YouTube, including GloZell, Jackie Aina, among others, as new Change Ambassadors on YouTube Spaces channel, which shows global productions created specifically for YouTube creators.

Thumbs up to YouTube for making diversity a priority!

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