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Dani and Dannah Lane

Source: Tyren Redd / Tyren Redd

Adorable sisters Dani and Dannah Lane have been on our radar since they first went viral, a few years ago, for their video of the two girls innocently discussing Dannah’s breakup with her toddler boyfriend. The girls were five then and much has changed. They appeared on Today, Ellen and landed an acting gig in Kenan Thompson’s self-titled NBC show Kenan.

The lovable duo recently appeared at the Kids’ Choice Awards rocking fun fits and hair that expressed their individual personalities. They might be young, but they have a great sense of self instilled in them by their mother, who is always a foot away even if she’s not in the photo.

We caught up with Dani and Dannah to chat about what their mother Dannella Lane taught them about beauty and how they flex their individual styles.

What did you learn from your mom about loving your beauty?

That God created us in his image and we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that’s what we focus on.

As famous youngsters, how do you inspire other kids in your age group?

We hope to inspire them by being our authentic selves. Being us and understanding that we are enough just how we are is how we got here and we just want to inspire other kids to be themselves and follow their dreams.

Dani and Dannah Lane

Source: Tyren Redd / Tyren Redd

What did you love most about appearing on the Kid’s Choice Awards red carpet?

The orange carpet was an answered prayer, we love mostly being there because it’s something we prayed for and have always dreamed of doing. We weren’t only on the orange carpet we even got to present with Kenan, our T.V. dad on stage.

How do you describe the clothes you like to wear?

Dani: I love comfortable but fashionable, I like to be cute but comfortable too.

Dannah: I love high fashion! Glam me up.

Dani and Dannah Lane

Source: Tyren Redd / Tyren Redd

What’s your favorite hairstyle and why?

Dannah: I’m gonna be honest I don’t like getting my hair done, I’m tender headed so I love wearing my hair out. Lol.

Dani: I’m in love with Bantu knots, braids and of course I love my curls. However I can highlight my curls, I’m all for it!

When they aren’t gracing our TV screens,they’re creating kid’s bops! Check out Dani and Dannah’s song Happy Birthday, here.


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