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30 Things Less Black Than Beyoncé's 'Formation' Video



02/08/2016 04:01 pm ET

4 minutes ago

  1. 2am
  2. A building fund fish fry at Ebenezer Baptist
  3. The top of a black baby’s ears
  4. “Roots”
  5. Watching “Eyes on the Prize” on a 13-inch B&W kitchen TV
  6. Eating fried okra with a side of julienne Jet Magazine pages
  7. Calling your cousin “Cousin Candy” because she’s 55 years older than you
  8. Writing a list of things less black than “Formation”
  9. The first draft of “A Raisin In The Sun”
  10. A praise dance choreographed to “Lift E’vry Voice and Sing”
  11. Songs with mid-word apostrophes in the title (^^^^^)
  12. Having strong opinions about potato salad while also being mad that so many articles are written about black people and potato salad
  13. A Radio Raheem neck tattoo
  14. Halftime at LSU vs. Grambling
  15. The phrase “outside kids”
  16. A Madame CJ Walker hoodie
  17. Any character written specifically for Regina King
  18. Frederick Douglass’s side part
  19. Placing a cognac ad in the North Star Ledger
  20. Freaknik
  21. The back-up jar of cocoa butter
  22. Knowing who Vondie Curtis-Hall is
  23. Stacey Dash’s King Magazine cover
  24. Anybody’s King Magazine cover
  25. Claiming to be “part Cherokee”
  26. Brown gel
  27. Your great aunt’s insistence that you’re related to every famous black person
  28. Spike Lee’s diary
  29. Putting 1B in your 4C
  30. Wishing a m***f***er would



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